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STEP 1: Log in to Your Control Panel

Go to www.bodyworksites.com/login and log in to your Control Panel with your email address and password. If you've forgotten your password, click here.

STEP 2: Start Dragging the Page You Want to Move to a New Location in the Pages List

When you move your mouse over a page's box (between its name and the on/off button) your mouse cursor will change to directional arrows, indicating you can drag and drop the page to a new location. Start the drag by clicking and holding the mouse button, then move it up or down depending on how you would like to reorder the pages.

STEP 3: Drop the Page in a New List Position

After dragging a page up or down in the list, drop it by releasing the mouse button. After dropping the page, the list of pages should be in the new order.

You do not need to click a save button anywhere after this, reordering pages is an instant change.

Note that pages that are off are always below pages that are on. Reordering pages is for pages that are on. You will not be able to reorder a page that is off between two on pages.

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